Various models of Microsoft Surface computers have frustrated their purchasers with unnecessary problems. How often have you needed Microsoft Surface repairs?

Buying a laptop or a computer is a significant investment. You want to make sure you are buying a quality laptop to ensure you are getting your money’s worth. Yet, people who buy the Microsoft Surface feel like they have gotten the exact opposite.

The reason being, the Mircosoft Surface repair process for many has been a frustrating experience. From broken computer screens to internal glitches the Surface has them all.

These issues are on the various models of Microsoft Surface computers, laptops, and tablets. They have failed to live up to the expectations of many.

Which brings us to the question of Why Has The Microsoft Surface repair been such a problem? So we wanted to answer this question. We’ve decided to analyze and share four of the common problems users experience when it comes to repairing their Microsoft Surface.

1. Outdated Design

There have been many complaints about the Microsoft Surface series. While you may be aware of some, many purchasers weren’t too happy about the outdated design. When you pay a premium price for something you expect premium quality.

Yet, Microsoft failed to deliver because the overall design was not what purchasers were expecting. There have been many complaints about the quality of the graphics on the Surface. Others have found the camera to be less than appealing.

What was advertised as a top-quality product hasn’t been received as such? The design is also noted to make repairs a lot harder. If you need a Surface repair it has to go through a process called a teardown.

Depending on where the repair needs to take place certain pieces of the computer need to be removed. A common complaint when trying to repair this laptop series is Microsoft used way too much glue.

This means that to do something like removing the battery pack, excessive heat and prying has to be used just to remove the battery. Another issue with the design is to repair the computer the displayed has to be removed first.

The problem with that is it’s glued so tightly in place that when trying to remove the screen it can shatter, which causes another problem.

2. Screen Issues

When you are talking about a Microsoft Surface repair you have to talk about the issues with the screen. There are a lot of common repairs that users experience. One of the most common is repairs to the LCD screen.

When you crack or break your screen on your Surface the type of repair depends on how your screen was broken. A repair to the LCD screen involves the digitizer glass and the underlying LCD screen.

Since these screens are together you have to replace them together. Another common screen issue users may need to repair is blank screens. It has been noted that the Surface can experience a flickering problem.

On top of all that, the screen on the Surface has shown less durability, making scratches and cracks a problem.

3. Battery Issues

The next common issue with repairs on the Microsoft Surface is the battery life. Many users have experienced a battery life of up to an hour. Mircosoft did identify the battery problem and stated that only certain units were experiencing them.

The problem stemmed from some units not being able to charge fully. The reason was that a feature put in place to help with charging wasn’t measuring the battery life correctly. The way Microsoft described the issue was like a car with a broken fuel gauge.

It is important to note that battery issues on your Surface can also be because of a broken or malfunctioning charge part. But, you won’t know which it is unless you take it to an experienced professional.

To fix the battery there is a detailed process that the average consumer could find it difficult to do. Having a reliable and experienced technician such as ifixOhama, can have the battery on your Microsoft Surface fixed and ready to go.

4. System Performance

The last common problem with the Mircosoft Surface is its system performance. One problem that users experienced was a lag in their laptops and tablets. The reason for this was a mechanism that was meant to keep the Surface from overheating.

It wasn’t working in the way it was intended and started slowing the system down. Repairing this problem is also complicated because it has to deal with the system’s CPU and the processor.

When To Take Your Microsoft Surface In For Repair

If you have experienced one or all these issues with your Microsoft Surface now would be a good time to take it in for repair. You want to make sure you are taking your laptop or tablet to someone reputable. They should have experience working with the Surface series of devices for the best results.

We Can Fix & Repair Your Microsoft Surface

There are some significant issues with the Microsoft Surface series. Microsoft Surface repair is nothing when working with professionals. If you have tried everything that you can do to get your Surface working, but haven’t been successful, we can help.

The repair process for a Surface can be time-consuming as it involves a lot more work than other devices. At the same time, we are the best in class and we have a team of highly trained technicians that will work quickly on your behalf. It’s a task we’re prepared for.

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